Whether you’re a seasoned professional at the peak of your career or a budding superstar on the way there, you both have one thing in common;
You don’t change jobs frequently.
It stands then to reason that even the smartest need to brush up on the basic but very important moments of truth which will confront you during this exciting and sometimes daunting challenge.

Here are some tips that will help you achieve your dream job.

  1. Interview process
    1. 10 questions to expect in an interview
    2. 20 tips for the interview process
    3. How to present yourself at an Interview
    4. Job Interview preparation tips
    5. More useful tips for the interview
    6. Negotiating salary during an initial job offer
    7. Preparing for the interview
    8. Things to ask during an interview
    9. Top 10 Questions to ask your prospective employer in an interview
    10. Top 10 things not to say in a job interview

  2. Career moves
    1. A new career in 3 months
    2. Changing Careers
    3. How to approach a career change
    4. How to change your career if you are unhappy
    5. How to handle a career identity crisis
    6. How to make good career choices

  3. Behavioural skills
    1. Friendship with co-workers
    2. What is impatience?

  4. General
    1. Getting your resume noticed
    2. Phone interview etiquette
    3. Setting development goals
    4. Starting a new job
    5. What salary am I worth?
    6. Writing a resume cover letter
    7. Your first week at a new job

Legislation (PDF downloads)

    1. Protection of Personal Information Act
    2. Labour Relations Act
    3. Consumer Protection Act
    4. Basic Conditions of Employment Act



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