How to make good career choices

When making a new career choice people often fail to consider things such as transportation, schedule, and job duties which often account for job dissatisfaction.

When looking to make a career change you may be nervous about making a bad choice. You probably know what type of job you are looking for and how much you'd like to get paid, but you may not have considered other important issues that could make or break your decision. Besides the industry and type of career you are looking for other factors help in determining if you will succeed or fail in your new position. Many times jobs are lost due to people being unhappy with three things: travel time, schedule, and dislike of certain job duties. In order to ensure that your new career is something you will stick with you should first take into consideration these three important issues.

With petrol prices soaring and transportation becoming harder to find you should have an idea of how far you are willing to travel for your new job. If you live in a larger city where public transportation is an option you may also want to think about how far you will have to walk from the bus or Train stop to your new job. If you are driving yourself consider the roads you must take, rush hour traffic jams and even weather issues. Also look at how much transportation will cost you. Is the cost worth the salary or are you going to be better off taking something that pays less, but is closer to home? For some people this may not seem big issue, but the worst thing that could happen is getting your dream job only to find out you can't tolerate the twenty minute walk from the bus stop to the office or the expense of bi-weekly fill ups at the pump.

Keeping in mind travel, schedule, and your likes/dislikes when making a career change will help you make a good career choice. All you need to do is be honest and realistic about what you really want. It is helpful to make a list of what you want when job searching and then for the interview have a list of questions to ask. The better prepared you are for your job search the faster you will find a new career that is good for you. You will find a new career that you are happy and stay with your new company for a long time.

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